what would you do for a Klondike Bar?

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glensheen mansion wedding.

dress, Savers///cardigan, Express///purse+earrings+bangles, Target///
ring+belt, vintage///heels, Steve Madden///haircolor, JCP///spray-tan, SunGods in Fargo

accessorize 101...

Whenever I accessorize, I try to be too matchy-matchy (which is odd because I've gotten away from that quite a bit, although not enough, with my clothing) and minimal. Here, Bohemian Junk shows on her blog, recently, how to do two prints on top (can't recall what she's wearing on the bottom) with different bracelets and rings. I think I recall seeing a necklace intermingled with the scarf, too! And it looks wonderful, not overdone... It's a class I need to take: Accessorize 101.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm being too hard on myself. Maybe this type of combo is in the upper-level courses... like Bohemian Accessoriz-ation Done Well 301? :o)


[above: I'd like the laced-up sandals she's wearing. The white things? Yeah, those.
Image from Slanelle's blog.]

Bluebird Vintage summer dresses. Loose-fitting. Tall moccasins too.

SecondSkin does great combos. Red boots/camo/checkers... with ripped-up jeans!
Love it all. I really want ripped-up jean shorts. Might have to make 'em.

OffOfBroadway. Cool. calm, collected. I love black-mini-dresses w/pops of color.

A funky pose from 5" and Up. Love the fitted dress and platforms.

Big bags, clog-ish sandals... Yeah. Good job, SecondSkin.
Other wish-list-y stuff:
--- Fringe.
---Animal prints.

Things that came in the mail while I was gone this weekend:
---Jeffrey Campbell clogs from Nordstrom.com.
---GoJane.com order of 4 pairs of wedges.

Eventually, my FEED bag may show up (YAY)
and Minnetonka moccasins, ankle-high ones, from eBay.


thrift store roadtrip.

A few summers ago, I wanted to go on a true, cross-country roadtrip and hit as many cool thrift stores as I could along the way. I think I did drive across Minnesota, ending in Duluth. And I did hit up a few thrift stores, but the shopping wasn't uber memorable. I think I went to a Plato's Closet and the store that used to carry SJP's line. The Goodwill in Duluth? Don't recall stepping foot in there. Dang it. And I highly doubt the troop I'm heading out there with tomorrow morning will want to stop. Eh, that's okay.

I actually had a "I don't feel like shopping day" yesterday. It was so odd. The Dakota Boys Ranch store was even having 75% off their last-season Target stuff, and I had three items in my hands... that I ended up setting down and leaving without. It was weird.

But those days are necessary, perhaps, for a shopaholic who... um, just charged $200 on her Visa via Nordstrom.com (2 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell heels that were 50% off, a dress, pants), $90 at GoJane.com, and $36 on ebay for some Minnetonka moccasins - ankle height.

Now, knowing me, half of the stuff from Nordstrom.com and GoJane.com will be shipped back... BUT STILL.

Anyhow, back to the roadtrip idea... maybe I could do that still this summer? Can my 10-yr-old bug handle that? Even just to Portland/OR and back? I don't know.

Before I sign off... some inspiration from StyleBubble's blog:


I was talking to my sister about how I should write an argument, a sample one, for my students about the definition of "obese" because technically, I fall into that category on some charts. It's nuts, really, because I don't think my BMI is that high, and... can an obese person run 5Ks on any given day?

Her response was that I'm not obese, just overweight, and that there probably are obese people who can run 3 miles just fine. I disagreed, in my head. But her points could work in my argument as the counterpoints...

With that said, I've been cruising around on Etsy & eBay's vintage shops in the past few months, due to fashionbloggers linking to them via my Google Reader. Well, here's my issue/problem/question:


I mean, I know that "back then" there were a lot of skinny girlies - more so than now; however, you can't tell me that everything vintage is small. And I'm not asking for a dress that's a tent either. I'm a size 14 (size 12 or 10 in some dresses) and am hourglass-shaped.

Anyhow, it's a typical complaint from someone not a size 2, I suppose. And if I had enough ambition to teach, write, AND have an Etsy/eBay shop specifically for average+ gals, I would. But I'm too tired; I'll just be lazy (oh, stereotypes of the obese!) and complain to no one in particular.



London and France.

Image from DisarmingDarling's blog; I cropped it & added the text.


i just want to be like you. sometimes.

A few images from this evening's "fashions show" in my own living room. :o)

Outfit Name: Tough Ruffles.
Striped top, VintageVirgin!/Skirt, Wet Seal/Vintage Clogs, ebay/Jacket, was in my sister's "give to a thrift store" box/Necklace, The Limited. Most expensive item? = Clogs?

Outfit Name: Flowers with a Side of Camo.
Cardigan, Savers/Floral top&tunic, VintageVirgin/Camo leggings, Savers/Sox, Target/Platforms, ... can't remember but I bet they were the most expensive item.

Don'tcha love my striped ottoman? Target! And the vintage chair? Goodwill awhile back.

Outfit Name: Wayne's World Tribute. {Worn last Thursday to run errands during the early morning thunderstorm.}
Flannel, Savers/Cut-off Levis, Kohl's a long time ago?/Black flip-flops, Target $2.5o/Fake glasses, Urban Outfitters. Most expensive item? Probably the Levi's?


Outfits-o-Inspiration Today:
DirtyHairHalo, DisarmingDarling, QualityRivets... err reverse that order.

And SecondSkin, too:


[above] Sterling Style's blog. Love the color choices & sandals w/sox.

[above] Craziness from FashionGoneRogue.



My cousin's fiance's bachelorette party is this Friday. He's like a second brother to me, and she's cool... so it's one of those I'm-beyond-happy-they-are-getting-hitched things. I know when it's a good thing when I look at their events like, "Oooh, fashion opportunity, kids!" rather than, "Oh, man, I have to figure out what to wear." Okay, the second rarely happens, but I have had a few events in the past that I wasn't super pumped about so therefore it's hard to get pumped about dressing for it. Duh.


The bachelorette party is low-key. We're meeting at a bar she likes, and then going from there. I love having actual plans for parts of weekends. Oh, and there's another fun party Saturday for another friend who is moving, but knowing me, I may not make it because I'll exhaust myself party-wise Friday night. But, here's hoping, right?!

So, since I've added more fashionblogs (style blogs, whatever) to my Google Reader just now, I've been inspired by Kertiii's blog to make up my eyes big-time with color and wear lace. Charms too, and maybe I should make a harness-y necklace like I've seen? Um, and my thrashed black leggings... I guess I'm going for punk-meets-ladylike? Perfected details with imperfect ones? Maybe a new hairstyle? A hat may be too hot, but pulling off a braid with a half-up do may be cool & do-able? Then, I'm thinking a black base and black heels with neutrals or pops of color - not both. Leaning towards the ivorys and creams, I suppose?

I think, awhile ago, I was thinking of that black, ruffled Target skirt with a tough brown belt... then a grey fitted tee with a bunch of necklaces? I don't know. It's always good to pack a variety of neutrals and then mix-n-match. Plus, I'll have some time Friday, in between lunch w/my sister and the party, to hit Savers (to bring in my sister's box of stuff) and The Gap (I'm probably going to bring back those three items I got this last weekend - I just don't know if I'll wear 'em, ya know? They are cool, but I have a grey cardigan, short baggy jeans, and the olive men's cargos hit my stomach area too high).


Too much text, eh?

How about a great hair cut? [above]

Structured jacket + ripped up jeans + great shoes = awesome.
From miraypetrini's blog.



I love this girl's style on Chictopia.

playing catch-up.

Just look at all the jewelry I have. It's ridiculous.
The purple bag is new...

I was trying to figure out which beads to use on
the little hula popper (black fishing lure); I created a little
hangy-thing-from-rearview-mirror from the bf's last hula popper.
He decided he needed another one for his other truck.

More jewelry on the new purple (real snakeskin) bag
I scored at Old Mother's Hubbard in town for $3.

An outfit from last Friday; it looked better in person I think.
Worn-in Silvers (Plato's, $25?) + silk navy top w/shoulder pads ($5?) + cowboy boots ($20 at Savers) or my imitation Frye boots? ($20 at Savers). Owl necklace (Old Mother's Hubbard, $15) + Love charm (Old Navy, was a keychain thing, $5).
The outfit from the middle of May.
The tunic was a skirt; I cut holes at each side for armholes. :)

rainy inspiration.

Outfits For a Stuffed-Up-Nose-Day.
The ones below are from Valentine's blog and DirtyHairHalo's
(it's her bday outfit = she's awesome/happy birthday lil' lady!)
the lovely ladies above
are StylishWhiteFemale and Barefoot&Vintage.


not a popular fashionblog. just a wannabe.

I've noticed that a lot of fashionbloggers are ... college students? So, am I horning in on some territory that isn't reserved for me? Basically, am I too damn old to be doing this? I know the answer, yet, I had to ask it.

I do know that I don't have enough time to be a really great fashionblogger. I like to take pics of myself at my cutest, but I'd rather be thrifting than fashionblogging. My teaching blog (which has double-duty as my food journal) means a little more to me. It's intellectual & about mental/physical health.

Do I wish I had a super popular fashionblog? Of course. But I want a popular class more. And I want a funky published book more too.

And, right now, I'd put up with one more batch of crappy student evals (like the ones I used to get which were uber frustrating) just to have/find/land a house for my boyfriend & I. Hell, I'd put up with a few mean student emails to have a house. Even a house that needed to be remodeled. Yeah.

So, I guess we all want a lot of things... but when you prioritize, you realize which wants are BIGGIES. Like, so big that I'll cry when the bf and I have our first fight over who should take the trash out. And I won't cry over the fight; I'll cry at the fact that we'll be in OUR kitchen with dirty dishes. I'm so sappy.


from slanelle's blog. love her scarf & boots.
from late afternoon's blog.
from slanelle's blog.
long dress + long necklace from fashionista talk's blog. shoe porn from 5"+ blog.