What's everyone wearing for the Big Ball Drop known as New Year's Eve? I'm thinking white fur + white accessories (hat, gloves, scarf) on the outside with black underneath as in: black lace tee + black/white pok-a-dotted slip thing + black tights or leggings + white belt + black legwarmers + black boots. In my hair = white feather or white flowers. Yeah. This is my initial outfit idea; it'll probably change.


2011 Goals:

My bf's mom&dad got me a tripod for Christmas, so I hope that I'll be able to be WAY better about posting cool shots of my outfits. I read a lot of bloggers who make it a daily habit to sneak a shot, but I don't know if I can be DAILY yet. Maybe weekly. Yeah.

It's a goal. Be a better fashionblogger. Also, be a better blogger in general. I was trying to find, on my personal blog (I have three: this one, that one, and a teaching blog), what we did for Christmas last year and it was hard. I should blog weekly on each one for sure; my teaching blog sees the most action. :D

Here are the things I've recently ordered from Endless.com; I'm in search of black Ugg-like boots.
Bear Paw.
Rocket Dog.

AND here is my recent Urban Outfitters order:
Pieces of pink hair is in order for the spring semester? Perhaps.
Ecote boots.
Weird green eternity cowl? Okay.
Above & Below: I love wedges. LOVE. They are heels + stability, man.

Merry Christmas!

Lasagna on Christmas Eve before opening gifts and drinking and watching movies (especially National Lampoon's). I'm hiding behind my sister.
Below: As we open gifts, I look at a previous letter we sent out as a family.
It's a tradition to have breakfast after midnight mass... and then we put on aprons and take the annual apron picture.
A recent picture of me tugging on my earlobe. I do that a lot. I adore the sweater I'm wearing - it's oversized and navy with a funnel neck. I also like my black nails; I did red ones for Christmas, though, with sparkles at the tips.


the snowhawk.

We got about 7-10" of snow yesterday through this morning; it's typical to get that much in a day, but it's odd that we've had (and Fargo and the Cities) this much SO SOON. Eeek.

More fashion inspiration soon. Be patient, kids. It's a virtue. Or something like that.


The Power of a List or Letter.

Second Skin mentioned how she writes lists for herself to read the following year for the holidays. As a reminder, perhaps. I like the idea a LOT. Here's her listed, edited down for space:
  1. (Year One) Do not buy a tree from Rite Aid. Our poor tree died after only two weeks. Instead get a tree from the tree farm in Carson by Craft Barn, and maybe wait till the 13th. 
  2. (Year Two) Remember that you make your own Christmas Spirit. If you are happy and cheery it will rub off on everyone around you and that is the secret, just be happy.
  3. (Year Three) Christmas will come no matter how prepared you are and everyone will be happy no matter what you get them. Just make sure you have Chocolate Ice cream next year. (A Common theme. I think I say this every year.)
  4. (Year Five) Don't let family Dramas get to you. Some one will always be a grinch and just understanding that to begin with will help you cope in the long run. 
  5. (Year Six) Only get gifts for people you are ACTUALLY close to this year. LESS = LESS STRESS
  6. (Year Six) Don't get run down. You got sick by trying to do too much and staying up late.
I think I'll combine the letter genre and list genre together. A kind of "letter to myself" while also including tips. I think this year's letter will talk about how I put a lot of pressure on being 33 (one of my fav numbers!) and how failing at getting the house (wasn't our fault, but still), failing to start grad school, failing to run the marathon (due to house issues)... yeah. I'm saving money, I'm generally happy, and I need to focus on what's ahead and what's going on right now. I love this time of year on campus - wrapping up classes, parties, the snow, the clothes (I love layers - LOVE THEM), and the anticipation of NEW. A new year... a new member in our family (my sister pops in January!). Yeah.

I may even have my students write a letter to themselves on the final day of class (next Monday). Or maybe a letter to someone they feel they've let down followed by a surprise - that we'll rip them up; it could be a way they could forgive themselves as a gift? I don't know; I think it could be powerful.

Well, my could-be-someday-mom-in-law may purchase a tripod for me, so that means more diverse outfit shots. I don't think I've posted one in months! Yikes. Oh well, I still read everyone else's via Google Reader.

Back to finishing my PB&J before wrapping up some grading. After that = Google Reader and a meeting at 4pm.