refashion ugly stuff, okay?

Have you ever seen an ugly dress, and thought, "There is NO way that thing will ever be worn by ANYONE?"Or, have you dug through a $1 bin at a secondhand store, but didn't know what the hell you could make out of anything in it?

THEN you need to head over to this little lady's fashionblog = http://refashionista.net/ ... IF you haven't already. Yeppers.

I looked through just a few of her posts, and I feel VERY inspired already! Like, I want to be really crazy and make a patchwork jean top. Too ambitious, I know. Totally.



What if, no matter what I drink - Diet Coke, water, Grey Goose - I will just always feel bloated?
Because that's what my body does.
Maybe I need some daily ab work.



Well, hello there.

So, my FIRST Birchbox box came in the mail today (see previous post about the ipsy glam bag - part of my four test runs with these beauty subscriptions).

I really like the box aspect (versus a pouch in a semi-ugly pattern or bunch of colors) because I am all about recycling (okay, I could recycle the ipsy pouch, but that's technically regifting; by just using the Birchbox box as a wrapping, that's not regifting - not that regifting is bad!).

[I have the product names, too; will add soon.]

---Isaac Mizrahi perfume sample: I squirted it on & after sniffing, immediately washed my arms. It's not awful, but it's not me. It smelled, to my big nose, like something an older aunt would wear. No offense to those who like it; everyone's sniffer is different. I tend to like fruity, vanilla-like stuff = NYC by SJP is the most recent one I had to buy. I also love Viva La Juicy... just to give you snapshot of my fav scents.
---Tea. Now, I like to say that I like tea, but I am a freak for coffee. This one claims to be as caffeinated as coffee, so I'll give it a whirl. However, do people drink tea in the summer? Hot tea? Might have to attempt to make iced tea with it?
---Blush. Already used it today pre-running errands, and I don't think it has totally worn off. Huh.
---Facial Peel. May have to try tonight or this weekend?
---SPF lotion. I think I'd use the whole sample in one day, but I guess it's nice to be introduced to a new SPF cream. Oh, and I think this one has cucumbers in it? Why do we need fruit in stuff? Did I miss that memo?

Sidenote #1: I like the fact that there's a card explaining what is what, and how much they cost. Ipsy's bag didn't have that.

Sidenote #2: On FB, some are freaking out about an extra SPECIAL box of Nuance products? I wonder who gets that. I'll be honest; if I have to start paying attention (a.k.a. Logging into FB even more than I normally do) in order to get more deals, that is going to annoy and exhaust me. It's like when the bank said they wouldn't charge me a fee on my second checking account IF I used the debit card attached to it 10 times a month. I detest keeping track of crap. I ended up deleting that account. Yeah, that's how I roll.

three lists.

Guess What?
---Socks don't have to match.
---Colors in your outfit don't have to match.
---Want to pair $4 gold ballet flats with ripped jeans & a fancy top. Okay!
---Messy hair is okay; baby powder is cheaper than dry shampoo.
---You don't have to shower everyday; your skin will thank you.
---New undies are always a great idea.
---I have a number thing; I always wear 7 or 5 or 3 bracelets on either arm.

Idols Right Now:
---Betsey Johnson.
---Betty White.
---Betsy Birmingham, a former prof of mine who's got sass & crazy hair.

---Do contractions count when someone says, "Give me three words that explain X"?
---The sentence, "My cat's nuts," has many meanings, but I don't think it's a double or triple entendre. Right?
---Can I just have coffee for breakfast?

Old Outfit Pictures from the spring of 2010, just for Fun...
(I would dress myself, take the pictures, and then on the way to campus, whatever song or quote came to mind, that's what I used as the "caption.")
a) simple white button-up + broken red necklace + gap jeans + cowboy boots + men's blazer?
b) black capris + NDSCS tee + black sandals w/fabric bows attached to them.
c) cut-off dress + leggings + strappy black wedges + simple cardigan.

d) NDSCS tee + cardigan + men's jeans? + all-star tennis shoes.
e) lace tee + tunic dress + leggings + black studded heels + long necklaces + cardigan.


ipsy glam bag!

So, I jumped on the "bandwagon" & got beauty subscriptions to four sites a week or two (May 11) ago; I'll review my packages from them here & decide, in a few months, which ones to stay with through the school year, etc.

1. ipsy glam bag, $10 (on Facebook, too).
2. Glossybox, $21 (on Facebook, too).
3. Birchbox, $10 (on Facebook, too).
4. Beauty Bar, $15.

I got the ipsy bag today; it came in a cute pink postal package w/a chevron printed makeup bag inside that is holding the goodies. The chevron print (oranges & greens) is not cute; I wouldn't buy it separately.

So, the goodies:
1. Zoya pink nail polish; it came in a semi-crushed box. Might give away as a gift? I don't really wear light-colored polish unless it's uber white.
2. Pacifica vanilla roll-on perfume. It has a great smell; I might throw that in my purse.
3. Yaby vanilla-colored eye-shadow or concealer? (No list comes with stating what is what.) I tried it yesterday before running errands; it was a tad bit cakey, but it did make me look a little bit more awake. I can never decide if I really need concealer or foundation...
4. Mirabella lipstick in Posy. It's useful for lips and as a creamy blush; I think this also will go in my purse.
5. Anastasia clear brow gel. Do I need this?
6. Two postcards: one contains a $110 Nume gift certificate for hair tools & extensions, the other lists  coupons (sample: "Zoya Buy 2, Get 1 Free") I can find on their web site.



I'm severely obsessed. Like, I might need to go to therapy.
For realz.
This is serious.

When I'm bored or happy or sad or any emotion under the sun, I "window shop" for shoes on Pinterest and on eBay. I drool. I get excited. I smile. The chemicals in me go freaking nuts.
It's probably a disease, and I don't care. I don't know what lovely, gorgeous 5" heels I'll want in my casket, but it won't be one pair.

A list of my favorites right now:
(I have more pics of my favorites at: http://pinterest.com/scrible77/shoe-lust/)

1. My favorite combo of all time. ALL.TIME. = Casual jeans that are ripped up, an old tee, a cute blazer and funky jewelry with uber fancy, schmancy heels. In the words of Rachel Zoe: I DIE.

2. Neon & studded. Could be considered "trendy," but I think they could go for a few seasons... and who cares if they suddenly "go out of style" = They are beautiful.

3. Winter has past, yes, but good god I love a funky bootie or rugged tall boot. These would be easy to rock on campus and out on the town.

4. Whimsy: Guns should only be on shoes? Hee hee hee... Both of these heels, to me, mean HAVE FUN with fashion, kids!
5. Un-high-heels: Not all great heels are extremely tall. These are from Zara, I think, and they are so pretty!

6. Jeffrey Campbell. 

7. The most perfect kind of mary janes ever. EVER.