A Purple Hump Day.

So, I caved. I told someone yesterday about the lilac jeans that I didn't wear... and she said, "Wear them tomorrow! I demand it!" or something like that. So, there they are.
Left: Pre-doing hair and face.
Right: After tossing my hair up and adding mismatched earrings & punk-rock accessories.

Heels: Thrifted mary-janes, under $5.
Lilac Jeans: Gap, under $20 from Clothes Mentor in Fargo.
Top: Black tank with multi-colored feathers, Target? under $5.
Blazer: Thrifted from Savers, under $5.

Tomorrow: Hot Pink Gap Chinos?


Lilac Jeans in the Winter Time...

Okay, so I put the lilac jeans on.

Gap. Size 12s.

They are, by no means, that tight on me, but I started fidgeting in them as I got ready (did my hair & face because obviously in the left pic you can see they aren't ready yet)... so I took them off after taking pictures in them. I have on a pair of light grey jeans instead - size 14s - and they are too big.

But I like comfort on my "grade everything" days.

What I like about the outfit is that it contains the faded colors of the Vikings (MN) and Wahpeton's sports teams, too... the top is from JCP - I think - and it was under $5. The necklace is from Savers in Fargo, and I'm positive that it was under $5.


This Week's Inspirational Guide...

Okay, so I went all rock-n-roll today (see post below about pleather!)... I want to challenge myself during the rest of this week to wear two pairs of pants I haven't thrown on my body yet.

I have lilac-colored Gap jeans from a Clothes Mentor trip awhile back... I want to wear them this week; maybe they'll make Ma Nature calm down and give us some freaking ABOVE freezing temps?

I love love love the image on the far left. Pastels winter-style! Hells yeah.

The other pair of pants I have from the Gap (via Clothes Mentor) are hot pink chinos. I'd like to wear them this week... maybe with a denim top (far right?) or white or grey? I don't know yet.

And, lastly, just a general lust image. I love ripped jeans with fancy items. Those heels are the bomb!

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Society's Problems.

Don't mind me while I jump on my venting machine for a moment... but I just saw this in Pinterest:
Okay, so not only am I supposed to have white teeth, shiny hair, and a thin body (whether that body is strong & healthy or not), but there's also the smell of my body that I'm supposed to worry about. Notice no man in this image. So, guys should buy deodorant and call it good, but women should really wear that deodorant stuff AND eat certain things.


For the record, I've lost weight because I want to be stronger. Not to make anyone around me happier with my appearance. And that's what's important. In fact, I'm certain my bf liked my "heavier" body, but he'll never admit to it.

So, the question might be: "Why keep a fashion blog?" Well, I like to show off my ability to be creative with my clothing choices. I like to show off how frugal I can be & still look awesome. I don't think that has anything to do with vanity - mostly ego when it comes to being creative & financially sound while putting kick-ass stuff on my body. Yeah.

Pleather on a Monday: March 2014 Outfit Post #1.

Outfit worn today...
Pleather on a Monday! Blasphemous, right? Na... 
I was going to try to do a "pastel jeans in winter" outfit, but I wanted to start off this week with a bang instead. I love wearing rock-n-roll outfits! And why the hell should I "save" those kinds of fun outfits for Fridays or whatever? 

There is no answer to that question. :-)

Heels: Sam & Libby for Target, under $35?
Pleather pants: H&M, under $30.
Top: JCP, under $5.
Scarf: Thrifted, under $5.
Jewelry: Lia Sophia & Target...

February 2014 Outfit Post.

I'm going to attempt to "bring back" the idea of taking outfit shots each day.
I'll attempt it, yo. Calm down.

This outfit was worn on a Wednesday (February 19).

Left: At home, before I did my hair.
Right: In my campus office.

Heels: Thrifted in Lincoln, NE? Under $5.
Pants/leggings: Chinos or Land's End (got them at Clothes Mentor in Fargo for under $20).
Top: JCP, under $5.


Long Time No Blog... Ooopsie.

So, since my last post in Sept, I hit a loss of 30lbs. & have maintained since then (Nov/Dec). I'm in a plateau, but I'm researching ways to "break it." I lost 15% of my weight in 5mos. & I guess that can cause the body to "stall out" for a bit.

Anyhow, I'm at a size 12 in Gap jeans, my A&F size 14 jeans from back in the day are big on me, and my chest is shrinking too. It's strange to be this size. I've been in the 14-18s since I started Grad School; I think I bought Target size 13 pants when I taught high school.

I just ordered more pants from H&M ... And a bunch of dresses from ASOS (for a few upcoming parties/events). I might have to review my posts below to find other cute things!