Droolie mcDroolerson.

Today's purchases on Endless.com... about $170 total.
Charles by Charles David mary janes, 25% off $80.
Joe's Jeans Shoes wedges, 25% off $128.

I also went and spent $70 today at JCP in town.
I didn't mean for it to happen, but I returned something & got a store credit.
Then I tried on stuff.
Stretchy capri jeans for $7!
A dress-n-jacket combo (in black & white pokadots) for $13!
A black lace tunic for $12!
Two pairs of black leggings for $12!
And... a flowy black cardigan for $23... I couldn't resist.

But I have learned a lesson today;
no matter if I like the stuff right away or not KEEP THE RECEIPTS!

classic black and white, yo.

FrugalFashionista: Nicole Richie.

i want to love more color.


come to the edge.

Style Porn.


I love love love wedges. I'm a bit obsessed.
These images are from last year; I was even drooling over wedges THEN. Jeez.

Haiku Ambulance.
I like the combo of colors. Beautiful!

Second Skin.
Edgey and funky. I love black... and Levis... and red leather purses.
Style Porn.
Love the belt; it's unexpected. And the lace-up wedges!
Vintage Vandalism.
I want a pic like this of me for my honey. Hot stuff, huh?
Money Smart Fashion.
I bought these shoes @Target; they are a size 8.5... BUT THEY WERE $6...! Tight, but I'll work it out.

I have MORE inspirational images saved on the iMac at home; I figured I should clear off my desktop at work since I save them as their blog name - meaning that Style Porn's image was saved as Style Porn. Eeeek. I think I could've explained that to Wade, but, yeah...


and on the fourth day...


How to take a "proper" floral (almost brocade-ish) sheath and punk it out, professor-style.
Add heavy accessories (vintage western leather belt + Jeffrey Campbell's Woodies + thick gold&black bracelet) and a fishnet cardigan. Spray on a bit of spray-tan and some big gold hoops... there you go.

This was definitely my favorite outfit of the week. I felt the most ME in it. Yay. The dress came with a matching jacket (of course), and I think I found it at Savers for $6. Probably got it for 50% even. And I'll definitely wear it AGAIN and AGAIN.

It's a size 16, and it is roomy in the bust, but other than that the fit worked. I did take the belt off for long bouts at my desk just because it's so fitted in the hips, yet has plenty of leftover belly room.


first days of school.

I'm not impressed with my hair/face in the middle picture, but what are ya gonna do? Sometimes, we are not photogenic, right? Right. And I look more country bumpkin in that middle one than I wanted to. Plus, the one on the right was much more hippie-inspired than... a-mom-from-the-90s inspired.
Tomorrow... I'm going back to my ROOTS. My BLACK ROOTS, that is. I miss wearing black; I love black. I attempt a colorful trio here and there (evidenced above), but I love sh*t that says EDGE or ROCK-n-ROLL, man.
So... I may punk out a floral sheath (that came with a matching jacket for like $6) OR I may go with my splatter-painted leggings (from Kohl's) and a black tunic (with, of course, peep-toed wedged black booties - duh). Either way, I'm BLACKING it up tomorrow.
That whole silly stereotypical phrase, "Once you go black, you never go back," doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to others. Most of the planet thinks that's a perverted reference; for me, it's about CLOTHING.


ode to jeffrey.

Lace + ripped jeans + foxtail keychain + cargo-y wedge booties.Yay!That's Chic.5 Inch and Up.Fade To Black.Jeffrey Campbells on Lulus.com.

After brief search-age, I can't find out when the Forever 21 store opens in the West Acres mall. My sisters & I have seen the signs; the store will take up the space of two stores... woot.I was hoping they'd open this weekend, and maybe they have (one would think this would be Facebook news for sure)... hmph. It's not like I NEED them to open. True story.

p.s. Since I plopped an image of Jeff Campbells above, I'd like to report that I wore my $60 Jeffreys to campus yesterday. Not only was I a GIANT, but they were comfortable. Granted, I didn't do a ton of walking, but for their height (and for the fact that I hadn't worn them for a whole day before), they were surprisingly awesome to wear. Yay. {I bought the Spendid ones @Nordstrom.com for 50% off.}


what I bought:

Victoria's Secret purchases...We'll see if any of it fits!



Um, so no one told me Charlotte Russe is online now. Damn it. I looked and then I clicked out quickly. Quickly!

And I just spent $200 @Nordstrom.com (5 bras - a big need, really, as well as a want)
IN ADDITION to about $150-ish @ Victoria's Secret.com (no bras - they don't do my size - but instead jeans and a dress and shorts and a few tops?). Ugh. I can afford to do these things, but spending those amounts freak me out. I mean, I just spent $100 at Alloy.com awhile back (okay, it was all good stuff - two pairs of booties that I'll wear a ton, floral shorts, and a floral dress, etc. etc.) and half of my latest Urban Outfitters package was sent back, so...

Oddly, I know that the Victoria's Secret stuff won't be as successful as Alloy or U.O., but I just had to look through the damn Clearance magazine that came in the mail.

I'm heading up to Fargo tomorrow; hopefully, I can stick to Target & Savers. I do have half of a bag filled with things I don't want/need anymore. I have to be pickier about the stuff I buy (and keep from shipments). I mean, I like beautiful things that fit me well. I have to stop keeping stuff that's not uber cool. Yeah.
From Constance-Victoria's blog.
I love the camel-colored leather with light blue...


ode to U.O.

These sandals, currently $19.99 on urbanoutfitters.com, are awesome. Awesome sauce, awesome dawson, whatever. A-mazing. They are comfortable, give a little more height, and very rock-n-roll. Such a great purchase. I just had to gush after wearing them for the second time today to have lunch w/a pal.

And... I think that this fall, for me, will be inspired by wedges. I have moved away from heels, since they are less reliable for comfort all day, and I'm enamored with wedges. Small, medium, and large.

stormy tuesday.

I could totally create that necklace. Pretty sure.
Yes, it's a blanket. Two ways. Very cool idea.
From SterlingStyle's blog.
I love the boots with the short dresses; I would rock that look every damn day.
From Sterling Style's blog.
Again, the BOOTS. Yay for slouch, man.



I've been considering not shopping for awhile. Like until after school starts. Because I don't NEED anything more, ya know? And my anxiety over new purchases (Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes from Alloy.com) is ridiculous. I really like the booties; I like the fur ones too... so why not keep 'em? Well, my mind thinks about how they were over $10. God ForBid. I need to chill out.

And now, to my recent inspirations via Google Reader subscriptions:
Cut-offs = Summer. Forever. I cut my Levis shorts even shorter this summer just because. Because while I do have cellulite, I figure IF I have to look at every one else's cellulite (because some who have it worse off than me don't seem to give a damn - that's aimed at you Walmart shoppers who are 200lbs or more!) then they can deal with mine. Yeah.
Ah, cargos. And woven belts. The pop of red! AND a black top. Must-Haves for sure & I have plenty of them all.
A mixture of cargo and cut-offs and leather. YUMMY.

Just a cute picture, yes? The fabric of her dress mixed with the flow of the animal top = very cool.