diy 2013: #1 & an UPDATE!

Oh, poor December & all my hopes for 25 Projects.
Oh well.
I over estimated my ability to achieve that amount. [UPDATE BELOW!]

Today, I decided to venture over to our cute, little secondhand store. I picked up about $20 worth of goodies... gold flats from American Eagle, a purple cardigan, blue tee, ... stretchy blue-ish purple fabric, a bag of fabric that had some white and black checkered pieces, some Christmas things (90% off!), and many books... I wanted a few hardcover books so I could attempt this:
I guess it's an old holiday book. The outsides were torn away from the insides and used as a cover for whatever = I decided to punch holes in the holiday cards/postcards I got from friends and family. I mean, what ELSE is a person supposed to do with those after the holidays? This way, I'll have a little book I can add to each year; it'd be a great conversation piece to put out every time November/December rolls around.

And then I saw this on Pinterest (like the idea above); basically, this is the type of scrapbooking I can handle:

This person grabbed stuff from their NYC trip (I could do that too!); they punched holes in it all (ticket stubs, pictures, receipts, etc.). Find or create a heavy duty cover, and there you go = a book that can also be placed on the coffee table for conversations OR on a bookcase.


Best part? The supplies are already in YOUR HOUSE, or rather my house. I have recipes and little poems on paper and all sorts of things that need a home. Now, they can go into my Random Book. Another great part? The pieces I bought - old books and cardstock paper - cost me under $5. Woot woot, people.

Here are two projects I created using the above idea =
 Large silver book (religious one, I think) that I gutted for a scrapbook.

Punched holes in pictures and little cards I had with sayings on them.

Photo of my sister and I when we were wee little things; I'm the oldest.
Plus, a goofy running sign.

More from the scrapbook; I think this was a booklet from the conference I went to in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada a lot time ago?


More pictures, Happy Bunny, and a VW image from a magazine. 

The Christmas Card book = Small and gold in color (gutted).

Two pictures above: Used old Christmas cards as yearly dividers.

Gma & Gpa's Holiday card.

 More holiday cards. I think by putting them into this book each year will be a cool tradition.
Then, from about Thanksgiving until the New Year, it becomes a coffee table book = instead of having them covering our fridge, we can keep them in this book.

And if I outgrow this book, I'll find another one to gut.

The End.