I've lost enough weight now that my typical pile of jeans (that I wear weekly) in my closet had to be gone through... because they're all a bit too big. Even the jeggings. I saved some of my faves (why o why?) & will donate others (will try to get up to Clothes Mentor in Fgo a.s.a.p.).

So, I jump on the scale this morning, and I'm "only" down less than a pound from last week... I wish this bugged me less than it does based on my first paragraph! Ugh. Numbers are dumb.


Shopping Online, Yo!

This lovely blogger did a post about online sites for shopping. I thought I'd test them all out... I'm picky about online shopping (and even moreso in-store = example: I'd rather hit the Fergus Falls, MN Target than the Fargo one because things go on clearance faster there even if the selection is not as large as the bigger Fargo store) because I base my online shopping on the following:

1. True-to-size Sizing.
2. Quality & Selection of Awesome Things.
3. Easy-to-digest Prices.
4. Free & fast Shipping.
5. Free Returns.

I've been logging into ASOS for almost a year now (my Saved Items List with them is massive!). I have had to - on maybe three occasions - email them to say, "Um, where's my stuff," or, "You forgot that I returned something, nimrod," but they respond and take care of things. If you stay on the up & up with them, the site can be worth your while because they have all of the five things listed.

-Neg: Their web site leaves something to be desired, too. It switches me to UK prices and sizes once in awhile, and I can't look at my Saved List in certain ways (Low to High Prices, for ex; it defaults to listing them by the dates I saved them).

I'm ordering from them for the first time today to give them a try. They do not have free returns, their sizing is not as expansive as ASOS, and the time you get to return things isn't that long either...

+Plus: It looks like their Typo section could be a cool bonus; it has cards and journals and funky household items.
+Plus: If you sign up via email, you get 30% off your first order.
+Plus: Searching on their site seems easier than ASOS right now.

-Neg: Selection is not as expansive as ASOS.
-Neg: No real description of their items. Is it made out of cotton or what?

I don't think I've ever ordered from them online; their selection, too, is lacking in comparison to ASOS. But I'll order some skinny jeans anyhow...

-Neg: It looks like I'm in-between sizes with them. Too "large" for regular sizes and too small for plus size. This could be an issue.

I have plus-sized measurements* according to their size guide... and as I cruise the site, I see I will have the same issues with this one as I did F21. The dresses are "eh" to me in the plus-sized area. The only thing remotely cool to me? Faux leather leggings... and, okay, some of their shoes.


Ooooh, site tells me right away that returns are free. Yay! It looks like I am a large in their tops and an XL in their bottoms, but that doesn't really matter because you can't search by size. Ugh.

+Plus: I did get a 50% code in my email from them, but I'm unsure about using it just yet.

-Neg: Their stuff is more unique than Love Culture, F21, and Cotton On, but I'd almost rather use Urban Outfitters' site for unique things because I think their prices & selection are better?

Free shipping on orders over $50 & returns are $5. So far, so good? I browsed the crossbody bags first for some reason, and found a green one that I think I had seen on ASOS (yet the ASOS one was bigger and, sadly, out of stock) for $48. Cool! I hit the "shoe rack," and they have some wonderful brands & a few pairs of ankle boots I can see myself wearing this fall on campus. Bonus!

-Neg: Clothing-wise, I would barely fit into their largest size. So, it would be a good site, like U.O., for shoes and accessories.

Free shipping over $65; searching is easier than other sites (can browse by shoe size, for instance). Good Sale selection for shoes, accessories, and clothing; I'm a L/XL... prices look promising, too. In the name of research, I may purchase a few items.

My Additions to the Cool Online Shopping Sites List:

I'm adding this one to the list. It's only lacking large sizes & variety... but I can overlook those things because the quality is up there, and the selection is usually pretty unique.

*Recently, at JCP, I bought a medium button-up top (by St. John's Bay?) & JCP-based brand size 14 jeggings. I tell you this as a reference for how easy or tough it is for me to find things in online stores that will fit.

OVERALL: I purchased about $70 worth of stuff from both F21 & Cotton On as well as $58 at Charlotte Russe. I'll keep track of when things show up at my door & how everything turns out (fit and quality, etc.).

POSSIBLE HYPOTHESIS: I hope to discover that these sites will be better for searching for shoes and accessories than Urban Outfitters. I hope that the F21 jeans fit, so I can go there for uber cheap ($15!) jeans (beats Old Navy and ASOS). I'm thinking that my new fave place to hit up will be Charlotte Russe for trendy stuff when it comes to clothing; U.O. will still be a good site for trendy accessories. I might use Francesca's & Tobi for funky bags and shoes?


Last week, I finally pulled the plug on Birchbox & the Sample Society's Beauty Bar. Glossybox is the pricey-est subscription (at $21), but I liked almost everything they'd send me every month! And the ipsy subscription ($10) always included a little bag (a big bonus to me) with valuable samples.

Out of ALL of the samples I got these last few months, here are my top picks (in no particular order):

---Novex Brazilian Keratin hair care treatment (Glossybox).
---Bvlgari perfumed shampoo & shower gel (Glossybox). I'm out & I want MORE... but should I spend $42!?
---Violet Oasis Argan oil (Birchbox). I love Argan oil!
---sexyhair Soy Renewal Beach Spray (ipsy).
---Benefit's Benetint (ipsy).
---Booth dry oil mist (Glossybox).
---Tarte lipstick (Glossybox).
---Antica Farmacista Body Moisturizer in Grapefruit (Birchbox).
---Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick (Birchbox).
---Cailyn gel eyeliner (ipsy).
---Philosophy Hope in a Jar (sample society).
---Sebastian Professional volupt spray (Glossybox).
---Cargo blush (Birchbox).


Glossybox #4, Take 2.

Sorry, ya'll, I've been distracted by publishing my first book (http://antitextbook.blogspot.com/)... yeah.

Anyhow, here's what was in the fourth Glossybox that I used already:
--- Anatomicals spray mist: Perfect for the office on warm days last week (and this week)!
--- Novex Brazilian Keratin hair care treatment: Smells great and my hair felt lovely. Win-win. I almost want to use it as a lotion all over me. Is that a good idea?
--- Jelly Pong-Pong lip blush: It's a little too PINK PINK...
--- Pandora's nail polish: It's the palest of pinks, and I think I really like it. For someone who has opened many of these boxes and rolled her eyes at various nail polish colors, this one is one I had to use right away. Very simple and pretty.
--- Sue Devitt triple c-weed pressed powder: I don't powder my nose or face often, but this is the perfect shade and it snaps close so well, I think I could throw it into my bags without it causes issues later.

BONUS: A little denim Guess bag! I will so use it in my purses to keep items separated into categories (you know... one little bag is emergencies - bandaids & tampons; another is touch-up stuff - mascara, perfume, lip stick that could be blush, too...).