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telepathic copy cat.

Somehow, I'm wearing something similar to DirtyHairHalo's outfit... and then I got on Google Reader and was like NO WAY. She's so cool.
Money Smart Fashion.
Feathers and Rags.
Feathers and Rags.
Midwest Vogue.
Quality Rivets.
Song of Style.
Fade to Black.
Fade to Black.
Constance Victoria.
Olsen Twins.
Stylish White Female!
Sea of Shoes.


take a shower.

“When you don’t feel [like you want] to dress [up] means that you are depressed. You need a FASHION SHOWER.” - Vogue Nippon’s Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo, in her “Ten Quotes on Fashion.”


The insides of a home. Someday.

 I definitely want red in my kitchen. Somehow, someway.
 It says EAT on the table. And the chairs were painted/stained to match.
 Someday, when we have a cabin... I see this as the porch room or something.
Letters and words on walls and shelves. Yay for the linguist in me!
Lately, I've been loving the "eskimo" look. You know, fur and neutrals and fringe and braids and ethnic/aztec-y prints. I went through a black phase, and I still love all-black-rock-n-roll outfits and I'm sure I'll jump back into that hole someday again... but we all change our ideas of a great outfit from time to time.
 Society isn't god. And, really, society doesn't call all the shots in any given situation. Even something as simple as a fashion choice. No rules, man.
 Tights and shorts, by Selective Potential. A great fall/winter idea!
Okay, I tried to wear a white dress today - a simple white cotton dress from Savers by some Target brand - with boots and fur and stuff. It didn't work. Was too WHITE, so I think if I ever do a white dress for a wedding, it'll be lacy and much more fitted. I love this one on Ashley.
The fur and the skinny jeans are perfecto... however, I like the added chains to the boots. I think I could make something similar. This is Song of Style, and I read her blog via Google Reader. She's gorgeous.


"It's better to be notice for blood-red lipstick or bright blue eyeshadow... than to walk around with timidly applied, conventional makeup, looking like a great big question mark." -Kevyn Aucoin, The Art of Makeup