The white and the red dresses are my favorites... from the blog: Where The Lovely Things Are. I love dresses that are fitted on top (with even a bold shoulder) and then a swingy bottom.


So, next week, I travel. Not to anywhere that anyone would deem "cool," but it's conference I don't have to fly to. WHICH delights me beyond words.

Luckily, my travel will take me through Minneapolis Wednesday; I'm pumped because I plan to wake up extra-specially early to partake in some shopping before arriving at my destination. I'm thinking of hitting up Aldo + Forever 21 + Nordstrom Rack + Savers Savers Savers. Yep. And maybe this Buffalo Exchange store people blog about.

With that in mind, I plan to take very little with me. The conference starts Thursday (with meeting(s) I have to hit up cuz I'm a rep... and reception*, etc.), and due to my college celebrating Homecoming, I'll be zooming back late Friday night. With the short trip + planned shopping, I shouldn't have to bring a ton.

I guess I'm using this post as a way to plan out what to bring... more than to plan out shopping. Which is a cool, weird thing, I suppose?

Anyhow... I'm thinking of total comfort for Wednesday driving (7-8 hours worth) - in addition to easy on & off. A dress with a jacket, perhaps, and slip-on boots. *checking weather report* Okay, highs of upper 60s and lower 70s for that area. Hmm... So, maybe a dress that has sleeves so I don't have to wear a jacket + a scarf? + my BED boots or cowboy boots or lightweight ones that I wore to Moondance Jam. Yeah. And then on Thursday: same dress with different accessories/shoes? I mean, I may find something else to wear while shopping anyhow; no need to pack extra... I may just bring an outfit for Friday, assuming I'll probably buy stuff for Thursday (OR mix & match accessories/shoes as mentioned).

Some blog I recently read had a post about bringing just 10 items while traveling, beyond hair products and undies/sox. Like 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of pants or leggings, a dress, a top, jeans, and then 1-2 jackets/cardigans I guess (and maybe a skirt?). I think that may be more than enough because if I could just bring my small carpet-patterened bag, that'd be awesome.

That smaller clothing bag + a bag for my netbook and books and magazine and folder of conference stuff + a purse. Done. Hmph.

*Second thought: I should have something semi-fancy for the reception, Thursday, right?



Um, I don't like diets. Apparel diets. Food diets. Restriction... ew. Moderation... sure. I guess I feel like since I don't shop regularly at malls, I don't have to be on a diet. This is similar to eating healthy 80% of my day; I don't really need to restrict my intake. When it comes to losing weight, I'll have to become more active. Same goes for clothing diets; I don't need to NOT shop, I need to shop better and recycle.

But that's me. I'm a few months (if I choose to not pay it off right away) from being credit-card FREE. Yeah. Go me. I used to be $10k in the hole. True story.

And... because of the lack of debt, and because I've been saving, I'm in the position to purchase a vehicle and home in the next year without a lot of worry. I mean, I can't buy a $100k home and a $25k SUV, but you get my point.

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this is about me.

Oh, sure, I have oodles and oodles of inspirational images from other fashionbloggers... all sitting quietly on my desktop. And, yet, I choose to create a Picnik collage via Facebook. Oh well, I'm trying to stay awake; the crockpot has to be turned to KEEP WARM before I can crash&burn into sleep sleep sleep.
As far as the outfits go, I was all about the dress + heels + yellow cardi at the beginning of last week due to it being really warm in our building (long story). I basically figured I had sweat in the cardi Monday, so why not just wear it Tuesday as well since I knew I would sweat again. Some call that gross, I call it conservation. Or something like that.

The dress from Monday is from Target. The cardi may be from there too, and the heels are from gojane.com. They are red-fake-leather-wedges even though you can't tell in the picture.

The dress from Tuesday, 31aug10, is an oldie from Old Navy. Silk. The heels are from... Alloy.com, I think? I bought 'em last spring or the spring before; they are floral patterned, and, yes, a WEDGE. Love love love a wedge right now.

The outfit from Wednesday, 1sept10, consists of a jacket from another combo (dress + jacket combo, that is, from JCP = $13 last week!) + Target dress (I think this is a designer-for-Target one?) + Chinese Laundry heels from Lori's heels in Chicago (it's online; they were $60ish).

Lastly, I placed what I wore TODAY... I had another outfit from yesterday that I photographed (a babydoll w/leggings and a pokadotted scarf w/my Frye-look-alike boots) but it didn't show up super well. So, anyhow, the outfit from today: lace dress from Goodwill ($4) which I cut (it has an inner slip too, but I didn't wear that heavy thing) + leggings (JCP, $6 - going back for more; they fit very well... better than Targets possibly) + scarf from Burlington Coat Factory (I think... or Gordman's?) that is black with splashes of color + black wedges (stolen from a designer, I'm sure) from Alloy.com ($30ish?). The black thin motorcycle-ish jacket was my sister's and the jewelry is all from thrift stores I'm sure.

I adore the outfit I wore today. It's feminine but tough. Tomorrow, I plan to wear boots with grey legwarmers and maybe a skirt with a denim button-up? Friday, I may pair up this red Chanel-ish jacket with a pink nightie + jeans (I rarely wear jeans anymore; it's weird).