Lilac Jeans in the Winter Time...

Okay, so I put the lilac jeans on.

Gap. Size 12s.

They are, by no means, that tight on me, but I started fidgeting in them as I got ready (did my hair & face because obviously in the left pic you can see they aren't ready yet)... so I took them off after taking pictures in them. I have on a pair of light grey jeans instead - size 14s - and they are too big.

But I like comfort on my "grade everything" days.

What I like about the outfit is that it contains the faded colors of the Vikings (MN) and Wahpeton's sports teams, too... the top is from JCP - I think - and it was under $5. The necklace is from Savers in Fargo, and I'm positive that it was under $5.

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