This Week's Inspirational Guide...

Okay, so I went all rock-n-roll today (see post below about pleather!)... I want to challenge myself during the rest of this week to wear two pairs of pants I haven't thrown on my body yet.

I have lilac-colored Gap jeans from a Clothes Mentor trip awhile back... I want to wear them this week; maybe they'll make Ma Nature calm down and give us some freaking ABOVE freezing temps?

I love love love the image on the far left. Pastels winter-style! Hells yeah.

The other pair of pants I have from the Gap (via Clothes Mentor) are hot pink chinos. I'd like to wear them this week... maybe with a denim top (far right?) or white or grey? I don't know yet.

And, lastly, just a general lust image. I love ripped jeans with fancy items. Those heels are the bomb!

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