Society's Problems.

Don't mind me while I jump on my venting machine for a moment... but I just saw this in Pinterest:
Okay, so not only am I supposed to have white teeth, shiny hair, and a thin body (whether that body is strong & healthy or not), but there's also the smell of my body that I'm supposed to worry about. Notice no man in this image. So, guys should buy deodorant and call it good, but women should really wear that deodorant stuff AND eat certain things.


For the record, I've lost weight because I want to be stronger. Not to make anyone around me happier with my appearance. And that's what's important. In fact, I'm certain my bf liked my "heavier" body, but he'll never admit to it.

So, the question might be: "Why keep a fashion blog?" Well, I like to show off my ability to be creative with my clothing choices. I like to show off how frugal I can be & still look awesome. I don't think that has anything to do with vanity - mostly ego when it comes to being creative & financially sound while putting kick-ass stuff on my body. Yeah.

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