Long Time No Blog... Ooopsie.

So, since my last post in Sept, I hit a loss of 30lbs. & have maintained since then (Nov/Dec). I'm in a plateau, but I'm researching ways to "break it." I lost 15% of my weight in 5mos. & I guess that can cause the body to "stall out" for a bit.

Anyhow, I'm at a size 12 in Gap jeans, my A&F size 14 jeans from back in the day are big on me, and my chest is shrinking too. It's strange to be this size. I've been in the 14-18s since I started Grad School; I think I bought Target size 13 pants when I taught high school.

I just ordered more pants from H&M ... And a bunch of dresses from ASOS (for a few upcoming parties/events). I might have to review my posts below to find other cute things!

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